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Highlights from the 2015 Network for Public Education Conference

January 2, 2015 – Somehow I neglected to click “publish” on this post.  I’m publishing it now – some 8 months after the conference because I believe the information in it is still relevant and of deep value.  — Cynthia EagletonHit the link to see the post.Some highlights from the 2015 Network for Public Education Conference: 1.  Opening speeches by Tanaisa ...

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Changes in the AB86 Workgroup

Changing of the Guard The AB86 Workgroup is changing.??   Background Information   AB86 is the law governing the new Regional Consortia System.  The term “AB86” has come to be used to describe the whole enchilada – the planning process, the people in charge of the planning, etc.  Here is the official AB86 website which has lots of good and helpful and ...

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