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Trouble in Los Angeles

Protesters for adult education yell out against education cuts along with several other groups outside of the LAUSD’s downtown Los Angeles headquarters.Photo Credit:  Barbara Davidson, LA Times Many in and out of LA say, “So goes LA, so goes everywhere.” Is that true?  I’d say, “Yes, no, and sometimes.” I’d also say, “It’s always good to KNOW what is happening ...

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Perspective: Down by the Riverside, Repairing My Wheels

(This is a Perspective Piece.  In this case, mine… my personal perspective on current affairs.)   Monterey Coast 2009 This weekend, I’ve been thinking back on another Presidents Day Valentine’s Day Combo Platter Weekend.? What’s that on the horizon? Way back in 2009. I remember it like it was yesterday, not just because I had a great time in Monterey with ...

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1/15/15 Update on Berkeley Adult School

An update about the situation at Berkeley Adult School from the Berkeley Adult School Facebook page.  (For the backstory on the situation, see this AEM post or this Berkeleyside article.) Some of the more than 100 supporters of the Berkeley Adult School at the board meeting. Photo: Seung Y. Lee The immense support, letter writing, social media/blog posting, phone calls and ...

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